Resident Evil 4 can only get more interesting when you know the best tips and tricks for the game.

Never again will you be frustrated when you encounter the chainsaw maniac; beating Krauser will also become a norm; you will never find it difficult again to kill the parasite or fight in the Boss battles. If the dogfighting in chapter two had always frustrated and crippled your progress, the tips to be revealed in this write-up will get you prepared for eventualities and let you into the secret room of fun in the Resident Evil 4.

Ammo hint

You may not get your ammo replenished fast if you hit your target in the body. When you run low on ammo, make sure you aim for the head. This way, your ammo can get replenished faster. Continue aiming at their heads until your gun gets fully loaded. Keep it in mind that this only works on the first two stages.

Unlock Chicago Typewriter 

The Tommy gun has a TMP-like firing rate and 10.0 Firepower, not to talk of its unlimited ammunition. The gun has other specialties aside from these. Normally, this gun costs one million Pesetas, but you can get it for 300,000 Pesetas using this cheat:

• To unlock the weapon for the Separate Ways mini-game, you need to have completed Assignment Ada and also have a cleared saved game file for the mini-game.
• Next, load the cleared saved game file, and you will be able to get the Chicago Typewriter for 300,000 Pesetas.

Unlock Game Trailers 

This is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is to stay idle on the Title screen for a while. Before long, two trailers will begin to play and cycle.

Unlock the Gatling gun without the red monk operating it

This cheat code will give you access to the Gatling gun without the red monk operating it. Follow the steps below to unlock this:

• First of all, allow the monk to escape normally
• Then go to the turret room, and you will find the monk operating the gun.
• Next, go to the main hall with the merchant to �Save’ the game.
• After reloading the game, go back to the turret room and continue chasing the red monk until he returns to the turret room.
• When next you visit the turret room, it will be opened with the red monk outside the turret ring. The monk can be easily defeated without the turret on his side.

Traps, Locks and Bonus Characters

• You need to get a 4 Star rank in Pueblo before you can unlock Ada Wong
• You require a 4 Star rank in castle to unlock Jack Krauser
• You need a 4 Star rank in Island Commando Base to unlock Hunk
• You need a 4 Star rank in Waterworld to unlock Albert Wesker
• You can save ammunition by using a knife to open doors and cut locks.

Avoiding C4 and Bear Traps 

All you have to do is to shoot the trap in the middle to avoid the bear traps. To avoid being caught by bombs, stay at a safe distance and shoot the bombs.


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