If you are looking for Luigi’s Mansion tricks, then you will be glad to know you are in the right place. On this page, you will find a list of clever tips and numerous other secrets.

99 Easy Lives

If you get into a room that has a cot, you can walk around the cot several times in order to get about 99 lives.

Enter The Sealed Room

To find access to the closed room, you need to go into the room that has cookoo-clocks, and then turn them on and proceed to suck the ghosts. Next, walk through the doorway past the middle soldier. You will end up on the roof. Climb up the right chimney then step off the plank.

Hidden Hearts

If you suddenly realize that your life force is running low, get your vacuum and begin cleaning vases and lamps. You will notice that every second vase contains a heart hidden in it, while every chandelier or lamp yields either health or money. Hunt for these.

Secret Treasure Rooms

In Luigi’s mansion, there are two secret rooms of treasure that you can get into and collect money and gems. The first room is on the first floor. Find it in the corner on the South-west of Luigi’s mansion. Once you’ve sucked the candle carrying butler, observe the room using your Game Boy Horror to enable you to locate a mousehole.

To activate the mousehole, Press A and walk into the treasure room. The second room that has treasure can be accessed from the top of the roof. To access the rooftop, use the elevator you find inside the toy chamber, then proceed to the right and climb up the chimney. To access the next treasure room, you simply need to fall down now.

Get Rid of Trap Doors

In case you are finding it difficult to tell which ones are the trap doors, you can locate a fire ghost, then shoot the door. Any door you shoot at will eventually disappear is just a trap door. If it’s a real door, it will eventually come back.


This trick will work on virtually any mirror inside the cursed mansion. So you could take a pic of any of the mirrors and you will end up in the room you started out.

Golden Frames – Collect lots of pearls to get golden frames.

Balcony Secrets – The balcony has 13 treasure spots and each one has plants, which you must water. Ten of them will give you bills and coins while three will reward you with jewels.

The Secret of the ceiling fan – Inside the room that has a ghost brushing hair, you will find a ceiling fan. You probably thought there was nothing inside the ceiling fan, but if you use your vacuum to make it rotate faster, a lot of treasure will be released.

New Mansion – Complete the game successfully and save it. Yet another option shall be unlocked that allows you to play the game with varying differences.

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