Best Agario Hacks and Cheats of 2022 is a game played by millions of people around the world, but if you’re here, you probably already knew that. We’ve sourced the most popular guides, cheats, and hacks, for this popular game.

List of The Top 5 Best Agario Hacks and Cheats

RankingCheat or Hack Name
#1Mass Hack
#2Split Timer Cheat
#3Movement Speed Hack
#4No Collision Hack
#5Split Distance Cheat

Ever wonder how that guy who just died is huge again so quickly?

There are a ton of legit agario hacks which are undetected and have not been patched. Some of the best ones we have found and tested don’t require downloads, so you don’t have to worry about getting any annoying viruses or malware.

Since is a mobile and web-based game, it’s actually quite easy to hack and doesn’t require any lengthy processes or workarounds. There are some web-based scripts that make it very easy to cheat in without getting caught.

We have bundled up all of these hacks/cheats, keep reading to pick your favorite! There are NO downloads so you don’t have to worry about any fake programs or viruses, they are web-based hacks/cheats) which can be found here.

Mass Hacks

There are a few different mass hacks out there, some subtle and some obvious, these enable you to grow very quickly. The first mass hack we tested involves multiplying the rate at which you grow. This makes everything increase your mass at 2x,  and 4x the normal rate. For example, if you ran into another player and absorbed them, you would gain 2x the normal mass you should. This also works on the little dots on the ground, they will give 2x or 4x their normal value, allowing you to grow very quickly without any suspicion.

The second mass hack we tested is blatantly obvious which is why we recommend being very cautious with it. We were never banned, but we also tried to only use it when no one else was around us, and we didn’t get extremely crazy with it. This hack works by increasing your mass however you like. This means if you want to increase your mass you can do so easily by pressing the + button on your keyboard (or whatever you choose to bind it to).

We had a lot of fun with this one, every time we died we ran to the corner of the map and increased our size until we were around #12-13 on the leaderboard. It made it much faster to get back into the game after dying. You can find the mass hack here.

Split Timer Cheat

This is one of the more interesting cheats we’ve found. The reason we like this one so much is due to its subtle nature. The way this works is by removing the split/rejoin limiter altogether. This means you can split and reform however often you like, enabling you to have a clear advantage over other players. Other people aren’t likely to notice this either, which makes it one of our favorite cheats.

Agario Split Distance

Some other cheats we tested involved increasing the distance you can split off (by pressing space bar) these can get extremely obvious if you increase the values by too much, but we ended up doubling our split distance for about 50 games and didn’t have any issues at all. This is extremely useful as it can be hard to chase people down, especially when you get pretty big. We were able to hunt players down and split off into them without any issues. Hacked: Movement Speed

The next category of hacks we tried were movement speed hacks. The one we tested allowed us to increase and decrease our speed by either using preset values or by binding them to certain keys on our keyboard (for example + or – ). We had a lot of fun with this one, at first we just bumped our speed up slightly, so we were able to gain on other players even when we were bigger than them. Towards the end of testing this one, we got a bit riskier and bumped the speed up to 2x what our normal speed was.

We ended up playing over 100 games like this and didn’t get banned or run into any issues, so overall it seems safe and effective, though it might be safer to stick to speed such as 1.2x or 1.5x at the most.

No Collision Hacks

The next thing we tested was no collision hacks, these didn’t get us banned but seemed to keep crashing the game, the hacks enabled us to turn on no collision when an enemy was about to eat us, allowing us to pass right through them. The hack somewhat works but seems to crash after about 4-5 uses or so. It could still be worth a try, but keep the usage to emergency uses only, otherwise, the game seems to lag out and restart.

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Free Agario Bots

The next thing we tested were a couple of private free bots that don’t require any downloads (you can find UnKnOwN’s web-based bot bundled HERE). The first one we used was UnKnOwN’s Agar bot, this bot was very effective and resourceful, and actually ended up playing just about as well as us! It surprised us how intelligent it was, the only downside was that it occasionally ran into the green bumper dots which made it split up into tons of tiny pieces. Overall it was very effective.

The next agario bot we tested was called Sabertooth, it performed pretty well, but not quite as well as the UnKnOwN bot. The main differences were that the UnKnOwN bot would use the spacebar function pretty effectively, but the Sabertooth bot would not use this key at all. This means it missed quite a few good opportunities.

Overall, both of these are agario bots for free, so we can’t complain, and are actually super impressed, they also require no .exe downloads and run as web-based scripts.

Sabertooth’s bot is private and we are not allowed to release it, but UnKnOwN has granted us permission to distribute his bot for free, you can find it bundled by clicking here.

Agario Tips and Guides

There are many different playstyles for almost any game out there, and is no different. One of the best strategies for beginners is to stick to the outside of the map until they get the feel of the cursor, game, and mechanics. Try to avoid other players as much as possible, and eat as many of the little dots as you can. It’s a good idea to experiment using your split technique (spacebar) as soon as you can. If you can master this technique you can take out other players with ease.

People often ask how it’s possible to survive the players with a huge mass when you’re first starting out. The trick we always use is to hang out around the green bumper dots. You can stay near these dots while continuing to absorb and grow. When bigger players approach, try to bait them into hitting the dots, this will cause them to split into a huge number of microscopic dots, which you can then easily absorb and grow from. In fact, we’ve actually been able to bait some of the #1-5 players on the leaderboard into accidentally bumping into the green bumper dots, and actually moved from #40-50 all the way to the top 10!

As you continue to grow and get bigger it’s important to never get yourself into a corner where you can be trapped. No matter how big you are, if you get trapped around green bumpers, or in a corner, it can get very easy for smaller players to take you out.

The split function (spacebar) is one of the most important skills in the game, mastering the use of this function is what sets good players apart. The number one thing we see is players with a huge mass splitting off for small players. This is a huge risk and ends up costing you your spot on the leaderboard most of the time. The only time you should split when you’re in the top 10 is if you’re certain no bigger players are nearby, and the person you’re splitting for will significantly increase your size.  Every time you split you basically half your position in the game, making it much easier for other players to gang up on you and take you out.

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