Top 5 Unblocked Games Websites


If you’re searching for online game websites that aren’t blocked by your school or work then you’re in the right place. These websites below are not blocked by most admin networks and have plenty of awesome games to help pass the time faster and add to your entertainment.


Our Top Unblocked Choices!


1. Dadu

This unblocked games website has over 100 flash games from scratch and has not been blocked on most networks that we’ve seen. There are ton of awesome things to play or search for, one of our favorites is the Raft war and Bloons Tower Defense series on there.

image of gaming toy


2. Bobert Games

This unblocked games site is built on weebly which is a highly trusted domain which allows it to bypass most school network blocks.


3. BlogBucket

This is another awesome unblocked gaming site that has a great search feature. We really love how they have sorted everything into different categories you can search. Most websites just have an A-Z list of games that are unblocked, but this site goes above and beyond by categorizing their type and play-style. We had a blast playing the boat battles game and hope you will too!

4. DoomsPlay Games

This is another great unblocked site to search for enjoyable games on. They also have their games sorted by category. Although the sorting feature isn’t the greatest, it gets the job done and ensures that there is tons of fun to be had for you and your friends.


5. Unblocked Guru

Another one of our favorite features is that lots of these choices are multiplayer, meaning you can invite some other friends at school to hop on with you and have a blast on this unblocked site.


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