PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Overview

I’m sure that you have played countless hours of third-person shooter games in the past and within hours of playing, you get entirely bored, why is this?

Before survival games where introduced, shooter games were monotonous and seemed to get more and more boring every year! I mean, you get awesome single player missions but when it comes to PVP (player versus player) the game suddenly drops into the abyss of horrible gameplay.

Today, we will be looking into the newest addition to your weekend gaming with the squad, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

Have you heard about the game? Or seen the YouTube trailer? We will be talking about the game in general (don’t worry we wouldn’t be talking about technicalities, yet) and give a general review of the game and how it fairs compared to your normal third-person shooting game.

PUBG’s Plot

The most important part of any online game would be the plot. It doesn’t matter if that game is a pure PVP game or PVE/PVP. If the plot is awesome, then that game will be awesome! In PUBG, you start the game by creating your character and then queuing the game. You can enter the game with a squad or all by yourself (going solo is x10 the excitement).

Once you are queued you will be waiting for the other players in the lobby (airport) and wait for the other players to connect. The game officially starts when you see a Lockheed C-130 Hercules (I think it’s a C-130) heading over to the map. This is where it gets exciting! Once you are above the drop zone you will be able to eject from the plane and skydive until you are near to the ground and deploy your parachute. Remember, when you start the game, you literally start it naked. This means that there is no shooting parachuting players while in the air.

The objective of the game is to gather as many resources as fast as you can and get a weapon of any kind and arm yourself before someone kills you. Remember that you are able to enter the game with a maximum of four members in a squad.

There is no official writing on how many minutes a single match can take, but the most common time range for a match ranges from 30-40 minutes depending on the mastery. If you have a noob hiding, it could take much much longer.

What’s exciting about this game is it has combined the elements of a survival game like DayZ (come to think of it, it is like DayZ minus the Zombies and adding the dome) and an all-time shooting game like Counterstrike. In addition, as mentioned, the game has a dome-like feature that compresses over time (maximum of 3 minutes I think) making sure the game is dynamic and always moving. Bonus Fact: the white circle on the map shows where the next dome will be, stay in that circle if you want to win the game.

How do you win the game? That’s simple, you just need to survive the never-ending player attacks, loss of blood, crazy vehicle chases, dodging exploding vehicles, dodging bullets, and kill the last person (besides you of course) then you win the game!

Now for that chicken dinner!

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