Top 10 Fun Dice Games To Play With Friends and Family

This list of the top ten dice games consists of simple and fun dice games you don’t need to buy expensive boards for. Grab your dice and have a blast!

Top Picks – Best Dice Games

These games can also easily be modified with your own rules for your own enjoyment. these games can be exciting and simple in their own ways but are all fun. This list starts out with:

10. Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a fun and competitive game that includes five dice and a pad of paper that shows the scores you can achieve throughout the game. The game is most popularly known for the phrase Yahtzee for when you get five of a kind in a dice roll. Although this is the most common dice roll known there are about twelve other combinations that Add up in your final score. If you can be played with as many players as you want. The number of players solely depends on the number of papers that you have. This means that as long as you have the papers to keep your score you could have a Yahtzee party with as many friends as you choose. Although this dice games is simple and can be a lot of fun with a bunch of people I would highly recommend checking out this dice games out even if you dont have friends to play with.

9. Dice 10,000

Dice 10,000 is another very fun dice games that you can play. The game is very simple and it mostly revolves around the numbers 1 and 5. If you roll the number one on the sides it automatically results to 100 points. The number 5 results to 50 points. although these are the main way of scoring points are also other ways. Getting a straight with 1 2 3 4 and 5 Will results in 500 points getting a straight of 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 will result in getting a thousand points. Getting three of a kind of any number results in getting a hundred times the original number on the dice. This means that if you get three fives you get 500 points. If you get four of a kind of any number this doubles itself. 4 fives will result in a thousand points. To win the game you need 10000 points hence 10,000 dice. Although you usually need 10000 points to win the dice games if you get six ones in one roll it results in an automatic win. This game makes the top 10 list because of its Simplicity and at the same time is really fun!

8. Pass the Pigs

Although the next item on our list is in a “dice game” it still uses the regular mechanics of rolling dice. This dice games is called pass the pigs. In this game, you have two pigs. you have to take the pigs and pick them up and pass them as if they were dice. These pigs have a dot on one side and on the other side have no dot. When you pass the pigs you look at how they land and if they land in a certain way and results in a certain amount of points. This game can be exceptionally hard when you pass the pigs and they bounce on the table since they are made out of a rubbery material. This makes the game completely random and fun at the same time.

7. Drop Dead

Another fun and simple dice games is a game called drop dead. This game like dice 10000 revolves around 2 numbers. Instead of the game revolving around the numbers one in five the game revolves around the numbers 2 and 5. Unlike dice 10000 2 and 5 are the numbers that you’re trying to avoid. If you roll the numbers 2 or 5 the dice are eliminated from the game. If you roll six dice and got a two and a five you would only have four dice left for the next roll. If it’s a 2 or 5 rolled your dice roll is invalidated and you get no points. if no 5’s or 2’s are rolled then you add all of the numbers showing and that is your score for that round and then you roll again. This process goes over and over until you run out of dice by being eliminated by twos or fives. After all, the guys are eliminated out of your points and that’s your score for the game. The other players then roll their Dice and follow the same rules. This dice games can be a lot of fun to play with multiple people. If you are only playing with two people it may be wise to go for a couple more rounds than just one and add up your scores to the end. I have found that is the most fun and playing with two players to play for 10 rounds and out of your scores at the end. This is a very simple game that can be played with paper pencil and dice. this game can be fun with the right people or just family which makes it higher up on our list.

6. Mexico

Another very simple but fun dice games is a game called Mexico. This game includes two dice and a third for each player. The third dice to each player holds counts as their life. This dice starts at number 6 and goes down accordingly. The players then roll the dice that they each have and the person who has the highest number wins. The player who loses then has to take one living off of their counter. The players that lose all their lives first loses. This is a very fast and simple dice games which is also fun in the end.

picture of mexico

5. Shut The Box

Shut the box is another fun dice games that you can buy at most stores. This game comes with a board with numbers 1 through 12 that are able to be flipped down separately. Two dice come with the game and you can roll these two dice to get a number by adding the two values together. After adding the two numbers together you flip down the number that goes along with the number that you rolled. after the 12 are completed and the only number left is one you may only roll one dice and hope that you can get the last number. This dice games can be fun for little kids were learning math and fun for adults who just want to have fun with their family. Overall this is just a fun family game that kids can play as well.

4. Farkle

Another popular but fun game to play is called Farkle. This game consists of five dice that you roll to get points. You roll the Five dice and look at the numbers. If the numbers consist of one’s or fives you have already scored points in some way. The number 5 relates to 50 points while the number one relates to 500 points. When you roll the dice you set aside the ones and fives that you get and roll the remaining dice. A player than records your points according to the points you get throughout the game. You can keep rolling the remaining dice until you want to stop and gain your points or keep rolling but be careful if you roll and get nothing in one of your scores then the dice are passed on to the next player and you lose all of your points. The last way of gaining points is by Rolling three of the same number. Whatever number you roll 3 of is then multiplied by 100 to get your score. If you roll three fours you get a score of 400 added. In order to get onto the scoreboard, you need to get at least 1000 points. The first player to 10000 points wins the game. This dice games is a more simplistic version of 10000 dice. This game can also be played with as many players as you want. This can make the game very competitive and fun at the same time.

3. Beetle

One game that includes drawing a picture along with rolling dice is called beetle. to start out this game you will need a die and something to draw on. the numbers on the dice correlate to certain body parts of the Beatle.

1 – Body
2 – Head
3 – A Leg
4 – An eye
5 – An antenna
6 – The tail

the players need to draw the body first in order to draw anything else. as well as the head needs to be drawn before the eyes and antenna. one the beetle is complete with two antennae two eyes and six legs the player who finishes drawing first wins.

2. Dungeons And Dragons

Although dungeons and dragons is a fantasy role-playing game this game heavily revolves around dice. this game can be played with as many players as you choose while one player is the dungeon master. the dungeon master creates stories for the players and the characters make choices. after these choices are made the dungeon master rolls different dice to decide what your character does. the dice are also used to create dice are What you use to create characters that you play with throughout the game. These characters are used throughout the entire time to play the game and also have an effect on what you do with your dice. you can make these characters with the help of the dungeon master and use the dnd dice to create different stuff that your character can do. Although this game isn’t really a point based game with dice it does have really revolve around dice and is why we included this our list. this game is a lot of fun with the right amount of people and is different every time you play. Because this game isn’t really a dice games it is 2 on our list.

image of DnD Dice

1. Dungeon Dice (1977)

The last and best dice games on our list has to come to the game called Dungeon Dice. Although this game isn’t widely known because of its original game made in 1977 this game is surprisingly fun. This game includes a set of six dice on each side there are five tools. There is also one guard on one side of each dice. Before the game starts you pick a character card and set it inside of a dungeon that. The goal of the game is to escape this dungeon with your character by digging your way out. This can be done by rolling a certain amount of the same tool. If you roll two of the same tool you do not get any digging cards. If you roll three of the same tool you get one card if you get four of the same tool you get two cards and so on. The overall goal of the game is to get 8 cards in order to dig your way out of the dungeon. If character roles to guards they then need to keep rolling until one of two things happen all. Either all the dice are rolled and put to the tools and nothing happens. Or the player than the world’s a third guard. If the player rolls a third guard then all of the digging cards are then set back to the beginning and you have to keep going up. This game can be played with four players and is a lot of fun if you can get your hands on a copy.

All of these games are fun and quirky in their own ways. since these games are very simple you can also add more rules to make it more interesting. these games are also easily played with a lot of people. this means you can play at a party or at a family reunion without troubles. a couple of these games can also be played on your own which makes a fun experience for you without having to play with friends.

Conclusion – Summary Of These Dice Games

Overall, these games are a ton of fun! Whether you’re just looking to have fun with friends and family, or looking to play something a bit competitive, these games will bring you a ton of joy! So, what are you waiting for, grab some dice and jump right in!


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