World of Warcraft History of Cheating

Please note that GameOver does not condone cheating, this article is for informational purposes only.
There are numerous ways to cheat in World of Warcraft! Most players use software to farm and perform specific tasks automatically, known as botting. Although there are several other more precise scripts – even client hacks, they are not used very often. There are, however, no god modes, item adders, gold hacks or anything similar.
Let’s talk about cheats, hacks, bots, and exploits.


There are numerous possible ways to cheat in World of Warcraft that people are using now or have used in the past. Hacks like radar hacks, speed hacks and other similar cheats that are being brought into the game. Exploits used are mainly temporary and can allow things like unlimited experience, gold farming, duping and others that are similar.
Exploits are normally patched several weeks after they are discovered. The final and possibly the most frequent way of cheating in WoW, is botting, which is where players use computer scripts to perform specific tasks like farming money and experience, crafting, fishing, gathering, enchanting, looting items, questing, as well as buying and selling on the auction house. As of now, botting is the safest and most effective way of cheating in World of Warcraft.
Hacks are pieces of code inserted into the game client – the game program on your computer. They edit the way the game works or add specific functions such as radar hacks or wallhacks. Radar hacks let the player see enemies through obstacles and give him/her enormous tactical advantage and wallhacks make it possible to walk through walls.
There are hacks that also make the player jump or fly very high, increase walking speed (speed hacks) or be teleported. Hacking is still possible in World of Warcraft, but players are doing it a lot less, simply because botting is way more effective.

World of Warcraft

These are programs that take control of the player’s character and save lots of time by making it do specific -pre-programmed tasks. Bot scripts read the computer memory/RAM and find the player’s location/coordinates in the world and then use that information and others, in order to navigate the world, loot, attack mobs, craft, fish, quest, enchant and other tasks that are repetitive.
Bots are extremely effective in leveling up characters in a short amount of time and farm money that the player can use to buy pets, mounts, gear and so forth. In short, bots can be programmed to do just about everything.

WoW Exploits

There has been a wide variety of exploits in the history of Wow, the most famous or infamous of all being duping. A duping exploit also referred to as “dupe”, allows the player to duplicate items that can potentially ruin an MMO’s economy.
Duping and other exploits are frequently found by pure accident and are mainly used to lag or perform several actions at the same time. For instance; depositing an item and using it to craft at the precise time together with lag, can possibly result in both actions being carried out and an effective dupe.
Using bots in Wow is highly recommended because the game is based very much on grinding and time spent doing tasks that are repetitive. They are extremely effective at taking care of the grinding for the player, letting him/her get that item with the really great numbers on it, in a much shorter time.
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