Everything You Need To Know About Beyblades


What are Beyblades?

This is a game of spinning table top toys. They were originally manufactured and developed by Tomy Takara July 1999 in Japan. Due to the growing number of Beyblade fans they were launched globally in 2001. Every gamer who wants to get involved in this game has to have a spinning top. For one to become a champion in this game you have to learn more about the blades and should watch Beyblades tutorials for beginners.


There are different types of blades each with its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore choosing a blade or beyblade stadiums for battle has to be done carefully with the rival blade in mind.


This blade is really good at attacking other blades and the name says it all. The attack ring does not really defend itself from other attacks, which makes it weak against the defense ring. When using this attack ring against an opponent with the stamina ring the chances of a victory on your side are high. The blade moves really fast and erratically making it a great choice in a battle.

2.Stamina ( survival or endurance)

The stamina blade is able to stay in the game for the longest time. The main aim of the stamina blade is to out-spin other opponents. They have a strong advantage over the defense blade which is low on stamina. The fusion wheels on these blades are thinner and lighter which is an attempt to reduce friction on contact. This might be a defect especially when dealing with the defense blades which are able to provide mild attacks. The stamina rings have a problem dealing with this attack due to this reason.


This blade only focuses on defending itself. They use high spin tracks to smash on opponents and protect their fusion wheels from attack. They don’t move around and therefore defends themselves in one position. They are advantageous over the attack beys which focus on attacking. The defense bey can deflect attack without losing power. The down side to these blades is that they are low on stamina and therefore can’t stay for longer periods in the game like the stamina disc.


Also known as combination, do not have any known advantages over other blades. A player has to have unique technique of battle when playing against other blades. They are usually a combination of two blades. The blades have an advantage over all other blades since they are very unpredictable.


Understanding the types of blades is not the only thing you need to know about beyblades. You’re only halfway done. Due to the evolution of the blades over the years it’s important to know the different systems.


The basic system was the original version. The tops in this system had 4 sections which are;
•Weight disc
•Attack ring
•Blade base
•A bit chip
The weight disc on the blades is usually to provide heft. The attack ring on the other hand determines the amount of impact on a rival blade. The blade base determines the movement of the blade while the bit chip is added for decoration purposes.


The magnacore is the third in line of system implementation. The spin gear system blades can also be used in place of magnacore system blades. They made of six parts which do not include the core and spin gear which are considered as separate parts.
•Attack rings
•Sub-attack rings
•Weight discs
•Bit chips
•Magnetic weight discs
•Blade bases
The attack ring is the part that first establishes contact with rival blades. It’s usually embedded with spikes and other protrusions that aid in the attack. The sub-attack rings are compatible with blades that do not have an attack ring and vice versa. Since they are not fixed they are great attackers. The weight discs are the ones that determine heft and stability of a beyblade.
The bit chips usually optional in this system were added for aesthetic purposes and in most cases have bit chip covers to protect the chip. The magnetic weight disc is the part that made this disc grow in popularity. The discs repel and attract one another depending on the polarity. If the beyblades repel one another then the battle will be more about the stamina of the blades. When they attract one another they will destroy each other in a visious battle. The blade base determines the movement and spin of the blade.


These blade systems were actually the last type of beyblades to be made out of plastic. The structure is similar to spin gear systems bigger and more advanced but the blades are not compatible.


This system revolutionized the beyblades. The blades are made of metal and are smaller than the previous versions. The hard metal system is more advanced, faster and had a great defense and attack power. The previous versions were all made of plastic and they are referred to as plastic beyblade series.


From the hard metal system there have been other different systems that have been made like;
•Syncrome system
•Metal system
•Burst system
•4D system
•Hybrid wheel system
•Hidden spirits
•Fighting top among a few others
To learn more about Beyblades you can watch Beyblades tutorial for beginners on you tube and become a pro in just a few days.



Tomy Takara was the first manufacturer and developer to make Beyblades. Upon noting the success of Beyblades different manufacturers began their quest to manufacture their own Beyblades. The blades come with a special feature with each manufacture and choosing a certain make comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The recognized manufacturers available are;
1.Tomy Takara
4.Mani LTD
This game can be played by children over 8 years and adults. The game is really addictive and to become a champion exhaust every detail there is about the spinning tops. In future we hope for more advanced features and powerful attacks, defense and stamina to keep the fun going.

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