Beyblade Strategies and Tricks

When battle calls, you have to have the right Beyblade to decimate your challenger. Although they operate on a simple premise, Beyblades – or beys for short- can be a tasking strategy game that requires quick thinking and agile hands. Fortunately, this guide has the best tips, tricks, and strategies for all things Beyblade.  (Be sure to check out our guide on the best beyblades in the world here: )

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Tips and Tricks

Each beyblade match calls for different tips, tricks, and strategies. Each opponent you face will have different ideas, and play-styles. This is why it’s important to consider your strategy in advance so that you can come out on top! We’ve compiled the latest tips and tricks below that are guaranteed to help you improve your game.

Don’t Rush Your Attack

There are 4 types of beys- attack, defense, strategy, and balance. Each category is designed to be effective against at least one other. As a company, Beyblades is a long-strategy toy line. There will always be better beys coming out. Before you go to your favorite toy store and hand out a wad of cash for all the best Beyblades, you need to know there will be better models. Newer models are likely to have a few kinks that might come in handy in bey battle.

One Surprise and You’re Out!

Like any other strategy game, if your opponent notices you always use one strategy, they will figure you out EVERY TIME. It is best always to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Mixing all the 4 strategies and matching them with the appropriate bey will make you a fierce rival. Learn how to battle each strategy, and you can be sure your bey game will be immaculate.

Launchers Will Change The Game For You

A great launcher will determine whether you can pull off left or right spins. The spin direction can determine whether you knock your opponent off the stadium or blast their bey to pieces. Although you can get either a power or a string launcher, you can get a launcher that has both capabilities so it’s easier to switch accordingly.

To keep your launchers in top condition, avoid using one launcher with heavy blades. Otherwise, the launchers get quickly worn out and they either wreck your game, or you need to get new ones regularly.

Beyblade Strategies

There are four cardinal rules. Once you master these rules, you can fit your launch styles and match them with appropriate Beyblades.


Attack Beys Beat Stamina Beys

Attack types tend to move erratically. That aggression will likely wear down the stamina type’s low power and longevity approach. However, since they are built to outspin the rest of the blades, stamina types can be hard to defeat. To wipe them out, try aiming at the middle of the stadium. That way, you can neutralize their sharp edges by hitting them from all sides.

Stamina Will Take Out Defense Beys

Defense types are made to maintain one position. Stamina types, on the other hand, are meant to last against attack and defense types. To maintain stamina, you need to launch your Beyblade in such a way that you avoid the stadium walls. Hitting the stadium walls will only destabilize your stamina type’s spin and decrease its uptime.

Defense Beys Will Beat Attack Beys


Aggression isn’t always the key. A good defense can keep up against a strong attack. Since attack types are made to move more erratically, they are vulnerable to a strong defense. A strong defense type might destabilize an attack type, sending it in any direction. Attack types are not meant to maintain long spin times. If you launch a defense type correctly, you can easily knock the attack type out of the stadium or decrease its spin time. To counter attack the types, even more effectively, give the ripcord a strong pull. The increased speed and the defense types’ heavy nature should ward off even the most vicious attacks.

Balance Beyblades Are Wildcards

Balance types are the wild cards of Beyblades. They manage to pack a little of everything in them, making them effective against attacks, defense or stamina types. While they can be hard to beat, their greatest strength might also be their undoing. Since they do not have outright strengths or weaknesses, balance types may be vulnerable to any of the 3 other types if your opponent is skilled enough to exploit that gray area. With balance types, it comes down to having sharp technique.

Extra Tricks For Beyblade Battling

Even with the cardinal rules at hand, a few tricks give you an edge over your adversary.

• It’s In The Hands

When you battle, your hands determine the launch and the outcome. For pace and precision, you will need to use your strongest hand- typically the writing hand to pull the ripcord. As most launchers come with a grip, use your other hand to gain a firm hold on the launcher. You can slant your launcher in any direction while aiming at the middle of the stadium. This will give you a powerful spin.

• Delayed Launch

Assuming your opponent launches their Beyblade first, apply a 5-second delay before launching your bey. This strategy is known as the second Special Power Spirit Rule. This trick introduces your bey powerfully into the stadium and puts you in a position to attack more precisely.

• Bird’s Eye Attack

Hitting your opponent from the top achieves either one of two things. A direct from-above hit will trash their top right down the middle, or it will destabilize the opponent’s spin. Use this trick with a sneaky strategy known as a drop bomb and have a guaranteed winner. A drop bomb is whereby you launch your top just as you are dropping the launcher into the stadium.

• Quick Attack

This trickshot is meant to be a quick kill solution against any bey. Angle your launcher such that the tip is facing either left or right. Quickly and firmly pull the ripcord so that the top flies right out and into the stadium with such incredible speed and power that it instantly knocks out the opponents’ top. Your top will auto-stabilize, but it will not have sustained spin. It’s a quick, cheap shot, but it works!

• Ultimate Trick

If you want to maintain power while keeping the spin speed, get a longer ripcord. A longer ripcord-at least 18” will provide more shoulder power and more arm stability for precision aim.

It takes a while to master specific tricks and to work out custom approaches. It is also important to note that some specialty tricks and shots will only work with specific launchers and blades. Collecting the best blades for your line-up will take time, but it’s going to be worth it when you step up to the stadium.

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