The Top 5 Best Beyblades in the World

What Is The Best Beyblade In The World?

There are hundreds to thousands of different beyblades in the world, and at times it can get competitive trying to beat your friends and enemies. Using the best beyblade can give you a serious competitive edge over the people you’re competing against, and help you to rack up the wins. We’ve scoured the internet looking for the best beyblades in the world and have tested out quite a few now. The chart above details our findings.

1. BB118 JAPANESE Metal Fusion Starter Set Phantom Orion B:D 4D

This beyblade will help you to rack up the wins quickly. If you’re looking to become a champion this is the best beyblade for you. The design is anime based as you may have noticed, and its physical characteristics make it the best, especially for the price point it is selling at. This beyblade comes with dual ball bearings making it a serious contender and threat to any opponents. It also comes with a highly rated launcher that gives it an extremely powerful spinning motion right off the drop.

When we reviewed it, the top was able to spin for up to 10 minutes without being touched! That is some serious spinning power. It clocks in at almost 4 ounces, making this one of the heavier beyblades in the scene. When it comes to battles, heavier is usually better as it allows your top to impact another with much more force, knocking them out of the way and slowing their spin.

The price point on this top also allows you to purchase other beyblades or accessories due to how cheap it is. The most notable thing we noticed about the contruction was how this phantom orion sits higher off the ground than most other beys. This enables it to get the high ground on opponents, and when other tops bump into it, it can even increase the speed of yours! Overall, this wins our vote as the best beyblade in the world.


2.BB106 JAPANESE Metal Fusion Starter Set Fang Leone 130W2D

This beyblade is one of the best beyblades that we’ve had the privilege to test. It is also fairly heavy, weighing in slightly under 4 ounces and comes with amazing artwork throughout. It is also based on the anime series Metal Fury as you can deduce from the artwork. The unique thing about this top is the ability to both attack and defend. This bey comes with the option of rearranging it’s frame, which allows both defensive and offensive positions.

We really like this feature since it allows you to change your play-style based on who you’re up against. This is also a great tool to trick the competition, you can show them your bey is in attack mode to try and bait them, and then when they are not looking switch it to defensive mode and quickly launch it. Another plus is the pricing, this is a very affordable bey, especially for being on of the best in the world. This product also comes with some extra accessories such as a launcher.


3. Takaratomy Beyblades BB124 Metal Fusion Kreis Cygnus Starter Set

Just because we rank this beyblade number three doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best beyblades in the world. This top has very high quality construction and has unique 4D wheels on it which enable it to be more sturdy than some of the other competitors. This bey is also inspired by the metal fury anime and has very relaxed blue looking artwork across the surface and sides. Like the previous one we mentioned, this bey has both defense and attack modes which keep the competition guessing. The 4D wheels also allow the top to take some major hits and still stay upright. This is because it allows the bey to rotate up to 55 degrees in any direction, absorb the stock, and remain stable.  This is one of the heaviest tops out there, since it is filled with weighted powder which gives it a definite advantage. It has great reviews on amazon and definitely makes our top 5.

4.BB13 JAPANESE Metal Fusion Starter Set Scythe Khronos T125EDS 4D

This beyblade is one of the best beyblades on the market. From the price, to the weight, to the style of game-play, it has what it takes to make the list of the top beyblades in the world. This blade is based on the the metal fight anime and has an awesome looking paint job. The construction is very good on this top as well, though slightly inferior to the previous listed. It has a low price and still makes an awesome addition to any collection. This top seems to do best in bigger area’s and with a lower amount of opponents. It’s the king of 1v1’s but multiple attackers seem to render it somewhat useless, as it doesn’t like to take hits from multiple angles and goes off balance fairly easily. This is definitely one of the heavier and bigger beys you can purchase, and makes for an excellent addition to a starter set.



5. LK Best Burst Evolution Star Storm 

This beyblade is very unique and comes from a different manufacturer called LK Best. Most of the beys on the market are either made by Takara Tomy, Hasbro, or beyblade themselves. This is a complete set, meaning it comes with an arena and 4 tops. The arena itself is pretty mediocre, and the plastic is thin, but the tops are surprisingly good and durable. They were competing with even our #3 choice which is quite impressive! They are a bit on the lighter side, which means they can get bullied around, but they managed to stay spinning for impressive lengths of time. This plus the price for all 4 of them makes them a steal, and a great addition to any collection. These are especially great beyblades to give to a friend, or a great kit for anyone looking to start out, since it includes everything needed at an affordable price.



List of The Top 5 Best Beyblades In The World

RankingProduct Name
#1BB118 Metal Fusion Beyblade
#2BB106 Metal Fusion Beyblade
#3BB124 Metal Fusion Beyblade
#4BB113 Metal Fusion Beyblade
#5LK Burst Evo Beyblade


Overall, we have ranked our choices above from #1 being the best, to #5 being the worst. Keep in mind that this is still a list of the top 5, so all of the choices on our list passed our tests to make it to the top positions. Any of these choices will bring you a ton of fun, a ton of wins, and awesome durability! Check out our guide on great places to shop for beyblades!

What do you think of our choices? Think we missed a top contender? Feel free to comment below!


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